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Father Wisman Simeon was born in Haiti and as a young person planned to enter the seminary there when he was twenty-one years old. Instead, he then felt God directed him to medical school and pharmacy school, and he eventually became a medical doctor and a pharmacist. Over the years, he worked in several hospitals and medical centers in different cities and suburbs of Haiti. During that time, he considered working in the medical field to be more of a vocation than a profession as he was able to help others while gaining a decent life – but he still felt a bit of a void in his life.


This feeling of emptiness led him back to earlier thoughts of the religious life. After speaking with many priests and religious sisters he decided to enter the seminary for the Diocese of Palm Beach, where he was ordained in 2017. Before being assigned as a parochial vicar at St. Peter, Fr Wisman served at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Stuart, FL

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