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What is PEACE?


 People Engaged in Active Community Efforts


PEACE is an inter-religious organization, made up of twenty-three diverse religious congregations from throughout Palm Beach County ( These congregations are brought together to powerfully address the systemic causes of injustices happening in our community.

We understand social justice to be the running theme of the Bible. Micah 6:8, Nehemiah 5 and other biblical texts require us to do justice. After a process of discernment and research around commonly identified problems, we hold a Nehemiah Action Assembly each Spring. We gather thousands of our members and ask public officials to implement meaningful changes related to the problems upon which we are focusing. 

Learn more about the Catholic Social Teachings by clicking on the titles.
Life and Dignity of the Human Person
The measure of every institution is whether it threatens or 
Enhances the life and dignity of the human person.
Call to Community and Serving the Common Good
Every Christian is called to participate in community and 
Serve the common good
Rights and Responsibilities
A healthy community can be achieved only if those 
things required for human decency are protected.
Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
In a society marred by deepening divisions between rich
And poor, a basic moral test is how our most vulnerable
Members are faring.  We need to move from charity to 
Social justice
The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers
The Economy must serve people, not the other way around.
People coming together in the pursuit of justice and peace whatever our national, social, ethnic, economic, and ideological differences.
Care for God’s Creation
Protect people in relationship with all of God’s creation.



Our Ministry is grounded in scripture and Catholic social teachings and we focus on the root causes of social problems in
Palm Beach County.

2023-2024 FOCUS

  • Affordable Housing

  • Mental Health and Addiction

  • Police Community Relations



  • All parishioners are encouraged to attend the Annual Nehemiah Action Assembly

  • Members commit to attend 3 meetings a year.

  • Members may choose to attend or join

           Research Committees:

           Affordable Housing        

           Mental Health and Addiction
           Improve Community Police Relations


For more information, you can contact: 
Jill Hanson 561-373-6712  or 


Yvonne Santiago (Spanish) 

Kathleen Waddell (English)

Paige Shortsleeves          

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