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Hospitality is a vital component to any stewardship parish.  In a parish as large as ours, sometimes it can be very difficult to know everyone’s name.  In an effort to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere as we gather to worship, we are encouraging parishioners to wear name tags.  This was a tremendous success on “Name Tag” Sunday during Stewardship Month.  We are now introducing this on a permanent basis.

The name tags are permanent and the size of a plastic credit card.  You can keep them in a purse or wallet when not in church.  Then upon entering the church, simply find one of the St. Peter lanyards by the door, and clip it to your name tag.  After Mass, please return the lanyard by the door, and remove your name tag and keep it with you until next time.  


Although there is no fee for the name tags, they do cost the parish around $3 each, so if you would like to help defray the cost or help cover the cost of someone who cannot afford it, please place the amount in the Sunday offertory collection.  




Please contact Leonardo for more information

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Leonardo Busa


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