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Our Church is centered on the Catholic Mass. We strive to celebrate the Mass with the excellence and dignity God intends. We hope that when you join us you will feel God’s love and develop a life-changing relationship with Jesus. We hope that when you leave Mass you feel empowered to share God’s love with all those you encounter in our broken world. 

What can you expect when you attend Mass at St. Peter?  Expect a welcoming, casual community where people are really glad you’re here. 

There will be people at our welcome kiosks to say hello and answer your questions. 

Our friendly ushers will help you find a seat, even if you are running late. 

We invite you to bring the entire family – we have a cry-room.

Join us at Mass!  - even if it’s been a while – especially if it’s been a while – we welcome you! 

We celebrate six Masses every weekend and offer two Masses each weekday.

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