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Christmas Lights

The Giving Tree

Thank you for your past support of our Giving Tree Project to provide Christmas gifts to the needy children in our community.  In the past, you have generously supported over 1000 children and we expect that number to increase this year.

Due to Covid, to reduce the contact with shopping, transporting, sorting and delivery of gifts, we have decided to give our needy families gift cards so that they can shop for their children.

We are asking for $25 gift cards from Walmart, or VISA or Mastercard only.  Any other cards will create a hardship for our families.  If you would like to give for more than one child, we ask you to purchase in $25 denominations.  It would be helpful if you taped the gift receipt to the card so that we can easily verify the status and amount. 


Please drop the cards in the collection basket or at the parish office by Dec 9.


If you prefer to donate money and have us purchase the cards on your behalf, you can contribute through our online giving, and select the fund called Giving Tree or write a check to St Peter and write Giving Tree in the memo section.

Thank you for your generous contributions to help these children have a Merry Christmas!

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