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Anointing Mass

An Anointing Mass will be celebrated on March 11th at 11:00am.


This sacrament is the embodiment of the Church’s prayer for healing. It is meant for all who are considered seriously ill such as: those suffering from a physical ailment, those who suffer from a serious mental or emotional condition, those in  need of spiritual healing, those preparing for serious surgery in the near future, children who are seriously ill, have reached the age of reason and able to understand the sacrament, those who are elderly, even though  no dangerous illness is present. 


A person may receive the Sacrament more than once. For example, a person receives the Anointing and then recovers but falls sick  again or their condition worsens. Receiving the Sacrament does not mean that one will die.


The Church encourages her ill and elderly members to receive the Sacrament so their faith may be strengthened and so they will not give  in to discouragement.


What will happen at the Anointing Mass? After the homily, the priest will pray, calling down the Holy Spirit upon those to be anointed, laying his hands upon their heads. Then, using the sacred oil of the sick which was blessed by the Bishop, he will make the sign of the cross on their forehead and palms of the hands of those receiving the sacrament.

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