Steubenville Florida Live Youth Conference

July 16-19, 2020

Steubenville Live is a virtual, live-streamed event. In order to make this event as interactive as possible (so you’re not just watching talks on a screen), we are including many elements that will require live, active participation from home. Therefore, if you will be attending the event with a group, we are offering the opportunity for each group member to have individual access to all the interactive features of the event, to give each participant the best and fullest possible experience. 


In addition, each registrant will receive complimentary access to Real Life Catholic’s I AM 30-day coaching program (a $47 value for the program alone!). 

What is a steubenville youth conference?
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Steubenville Florida Trailer
St Peter Group

Steubenville Live can be enjoyed at home with just your family or you can be a part of the Youth Ministry Zoom Group.

For those interested, we will create a Zoom Meeting to chat during Small Group and Breaks. 

Once the schedule and more info is released, I will update this page.

If you are interested in the Zoom Group, please complete the survey. 

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