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Confirmation I & II

Class, Service Hours, Retreat

Confirmation establishes you in your faith. It is no longer your parents church that you attend. It is YOUR church!!!  In this Sacrament you get the chance to confirm to the whole church all of your beliefs. You are an adult in the church.  Confirmation preparation is a two year process in accordance with the guidelines for the Diocese of Palm Beach.

Confirmation I

The Confirmation program begins with participation in the LIFETEEN Mass, placing the teens in an environment where they have the opportunity to experience fully the greatest gift we have as the Church. The teens begin to develop a relationship with Jesus that is both personal and real, which allows them to take ownership of their faith.

In Confirmation I teens participate in 1 Parent & Teen Meeting, 12 sessions,  and a  Retreat.  Teens will attend the Lifeteen Mass and sit with their small group & leader.

2020 Meeting Dates for Confirmation I

Jan 26
Feb 9, 23
Mar 8
Apr 4-Retreat, 26
May 3, 17

Registration is Closed

Confirmation Requirements

Service Hours

10 hours of Community Service for both Confirmation I and II.  We ask that a minimum of  5 of these hours be in St. Peter Church Ministry. Service Hour Opportunities.

Retreat - Confirmation I & II 

Confirmation I Retreat Date: April 4, 2020
Confirmation II Retreat Date: November 15-17, 2019

Confirmation II

In Confirmation II teens participate in 1 Parent & Teen Meeting, 12 sessions, a weekend Retreat and 1 Rehearsal.  Teens will attend the Lifeteen Mass and sit with thier small group & leader.

Confirmation teens as well as all high school teens are invited to gather immediatley following Mass in the parish hall for dinner and for the LIFE Night to learn about the Church and their faith in challenging ways, including catechesis, community service, socials, retreats and educational topics

2020 Meeting Dates for Confirmation II

Jan 12
Feb 2, 16 
Mar 1, 15
Apr 5, 19 - This is an extended night
May 30 - Confirmation Mass Rehearsal
May 31-Confirmation Mass at 5:00pm

Registration is Closed.

Christine Macdonald

Director of Youth & Confirmation