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Prayer for God's Protection in the Face of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Loving and gracious God, as in all times, we turn to You and implore Your protection and healing as we face a new threat to our health and peaceful well-being in the coronavirus pandemic before us.  Help us to be united with each other and with all of our brothers and sisters around the world affected by this illness.  We pray for all those in the medical field who are assisting patients and in the field of science who are discerning a cure, as well as for all government leaders.  Remember those who, through this virus, have passed from this life as well as their families in their loss.


At this time of fragile uncertainty, we also humbly implore You to grant us prudence, hope, courage and patience.  Dispel from us fear, panic and distrust which disrupt us in spirit to the detriment of our well-being.


 We make our prayer in the name of your beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, who always cured those who were sick with various diseases and drove out many demons.  Our Lady, Patroness of our Diocese, Queen of the Apostles and Comforter of the Afflicted, pray for us, Amen.




Guidelines for attending Mass at St Peter

During this time, all Catholics are dispensed from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass until further notification.


If you are ill, elderly, in a vulnerable population or feel uncomfortable for any reason, you should continue to watch the live stream of our Mass from home.


  • Facemasks are required to be worn by those age 2 and over.

  • Everyone must enter through the main doors of the church.

  • Doors may be locked for church cleaning when you arrive.  Please remain at least 6 feet apart from everyone else who may be waiting.

  • If the church occupancy has reached 250, please follow the directions of the ushers directing you to the parish hall.

  • Please use your personal hand sanitizer or Church dispenser upon entering the Church.

  • Collection baskets for both collections will be available at the main entrance of the church. Please have your donation ready as you enter the Church. (no collection during Mass)

  • No holy water will be available.

  • When you enter the pew move all the way to the end or until you are at least 6 feet from the nearest family.

  • Every other pew will remain empty as indicated.

  • No hugging, shaking hands or holding hands at any time (beginning of Mass, Our Father, or Sign of Peace)

  • Communion will be distributed to you at your seat. Please leave your mask on and stand to receive communion which will be distributed in the hand only, no precious blood will be available.

  • Exit the church following the directions of the ushers, starting with the back pew.

  • Go immediately to your car. Please don't socialize in the church, hall or plaza.

  • While we are sanitizing as diligently as possible, we suggest that you reduce your risk of exposure to the virus by not touching the pew surfaces or kneelers, and avoid using the bathroom facilities and water fountains if possible. 

Mass Times

Parish Office


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1:00pm to 4:30pm

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Saturday Vigil



8:00am, 9:30am, 11:00am

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