Parish Support

Altar Angels, Camp GROW, Finance Council, Landscape Committee, Parish Fund Raisers


Purpose: To facilitate the worship of the Church and the celebration of Mass by dutifully and prayerfully providing clean altar cloths, purificators, vestments and other items that are used during Mass and other rites of the Church.

When and Where: Some duties are weekly but can be done at home while others are less frequent but performed mostly at the church.

Time Commitment: From 1–2 or 3 hours per week.

Talents and Gifts: A love of God that is expressed in washing and ironing as well as an eye for items that need to be changed or cleaned when they become soiled and an attention to detail.

Contact: Janet Sarsfield, 630-5627



Purpose:  This is a youth ministry whose purpose is to beautify the Church property by planting flowers, clean up and growing vegetables for donation to the food for families ministry.

When and Where:  We meet most Saturdays in the Church plaza from 9am to 11am.

Talents and Gifts:  This ministry is geared to all middle and high school youth and especially the Confirmation class of St. Peters. Needed is a willingness to perform community service for the good of the Church in an "ownership" capacity rather than an occasional one or two hours of volunteering.

Contact:   Layne Behncke in the Parish Office  or EMAIL  



The council is a consultative group that provides advice and recommendations to the Pastor concerning the stewardship of the parish’s fiscal and temporal resources, including long range financial planning to support the mission of the parish. Members are appointed to the council by Fr. Don Finney.



Purpose: Maintain the grounds of the Church campus, interior and exterior. Provide advice and direction in aspects of the Church interior and exterior to promote a spiritually beautiful environment in which to worship.

When and Where: The Landscape Committee communicates through email. Meeting time for planning activities is on an as-needed basis.

  • Meditation Garden – Meets every Saturday morning from 9–11 a.m. Open to all parishioners from age 18 to over 70. There are Garden Managers to oversee the weekly event.
  • Landscape Interior – Weekly monitoring of interior plants, repotting and arranging, fertilizing and watering.
  • Easter/Christmas Interior Landscape
    (1) The Church is decorated for Easter the Saturday before Easter and taken down about 2 weeks later. About 12 people are needed to arrange plants and flowers for about 2-1/2 hours. Clean-up takes about 6 people for 2 hours.
    (2) The Church is decorated for Christmas shortly before Christmas Eve and taken down 2 plus weeks later. About 14-16 people are needed to assemble plants, flowers and decorations for 3–3-1/2 hours. Clean-up needs 12-16 people for 1-1/2 hours.
  • Overall Grounds
    (1) work with Staff as advisors in regards to the landscape contract services and grounds improvement,
    (2) participate in planting parties after Easter and Christmas Altar plants are removed,
    (3) participate in work parties organized on an as-needed basis.

Time Commitment: Time commitment can range from 2 hours a week to 2 hours 2 times a year.

Talents and Gifts: Love to be outside, dig in soil, cut grass, prune and/or dead-head flowers, and arrange flowers and plants.

Contact: Emily O’Mahoney, 561-719-5994



Purpose: To plan and assist with parish events throughout the year such as the Cornucopia Ball, Golf tournament, Mardi Gras, Picnic, and community celebrations.

When and Where: Planning meetings are held in the Parish Hall on evenings that are convenient for the group planning each event.

Time Commitment: Varies depending on the event.

Contact: Leonardo Busa, 561-575-0837














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