Liturgical Ministry

Altar Server, Extra Ordinary Minister of Holy Communion, Greeter, Lector, Usher,


Purpose: To provide assistance to members of the St. Peter Catholic Church clergy during religious services in supporting tasks at the altar such as holding the book, carrying the offertory gifts, leading the entrance procession with the cross.

When and Where: Altar Servers need to arrive at church at least 15 minutes before Mass starts.

Time Commitment: It can range from 2 hours 2 times a year to 2 hours a week.

Talents and Gifts: The sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation and First Communion should have been made. Candidates should know how to follow directions and participate in the Mass.

Contact: Deacon Dave Licata in the Parish Office,  561-575-0837 or EMAIL



Purpose: To assist priests and deacons in the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass and outside of Mass at nursing homes, hospitals and to the homebound.

When and Where: At scheduled Mass times and at appointed times at nursing homes, hospitals or in the homes of those unable to attend Mass.

Time Commitment: For Mass: 1 hour. For hospitals, nursing homes or the homebound: 1–2 hours per week.

Talents and Gifts: A love of God that one wants to share with others by distributing Holy Communion.

Contact: Leonardo Busa in the Parish Office 561-575-0837; Hospital and Homebound: Deacon Stephen Scienzo, 561-575-0837



Purpose: Greeters  welcome all parishioners and guests, once they enter the church, with a kind word and a warm smile while distributing the necessary handout materials to them. This ministry exemplifies our hospitality and welcoming embrace as a community.

When and Where: At the entrances to the Church prior to the beginning of their scheduled Mass times. Also, after Mass to collect/refold the music sheets and to assist the Ushers in readying the pews for the next Mass.

Time Commitment: Greeters are needed at all weekend and Holy Day Masses. You should arrive 15-20 minutes prior to Mass and stay 10 minutes after Mass.

Talents and Gifts: Adults and high school-aged students who have a warm smile, a welcoming personality and a caring demeanor. Students in grades 3 -8 who have a bright smile, a friendly personality and who are mature enough to treat everyone arriving for Mass with courtesy and respect are encouraged to join this ministry.

Contact: Mark Ehmer, 694-7845



Purpose: Proclaim the word of God at Mass (Sunday and/or daily) by reading selected scriptures.

When and Where: Sunday, daily Mass and Holy days of obligation.

Time Commitment: Attendance at the Mass of your choice and time at home to review the readings.

Talents and Gifts: Must be able to annunciate clearly and address the congregation, and be attentive to what the authors of the scriptures want to affirm and reveal by their words.

Contact: Leonardo Busa in the Parish Office, 561-575-0837



Purpose: To make parishioners and visitors feel welcome when they arrive for Mass, to distribute special intention envelopes or other special materials, to assist parishioners in finding seats, to facilitate the collection of gifts offered by the congregation, to assist and direct the communion procession, to distribute bulletins after Mass and to wish parishioners well as they leave.

When and Where: At scheduled Masses for the parish.

Time Commitment: 1-1/2 hours maximum each week.

Talents and Gifts: Ushers should be people persons, dedicated and dependable, and genuinely like to help others to have a meaningful experience at Mass.

Contact: Michael Cesarano, 561-746-1722






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8:00 AM & 5:30 PM

Saturdays: 4:30 PM
Sundays: 8:00 AM, 9:30 AM, 11:00 AM, 12:30 PM, & 5:00 PM

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